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PT. Digivla Indonesia is Indonesia’s leading media intelligence company in Indonesia. Digivla collects data from news publications from more than 1,200 media, including print media, online portal and TV stations. Additionally the company also provides a social media listening solution by crawling data from major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Digivla’s solution can be previewed in multi-platforms, ranging from mobile application, desktop-based dashboard, to an integrated command center.

Digivla is a pioneer in media monitoring services in Indonesia. The company started to digitalize print media in 2007. In 2015, Digivla linked a strategic partnership with LKBN Antara, the national news agency of Indonesia, to enhance the coverage of media monitoring by capitalizing on Antara presence in 32 provinces throughout Indonesia. This partnership introduced a media monitoring platform with the brand of “Antara-Insight”.

In additional to media intelligence, the company also has practice areas in system integration and digitalization services. Currently, the company serves more than 100 clients ranging from government agencies and private sectors to Fortune 500 companies operating in Indonesia.


The people behind our company

  • Reza A Maulana

    Reza A Maulana

    President Director
  • Fikriansyah


    General Manager
  • Herdian Agusta

    Herdian Agusta

    Financial Controller
  • Karina Mancanagara

    Karina Mancanagara

    Account Director
  • Rizky Resa Maulana

    Rizky Resa Maulana

    Head of IT
  • Tiko Dwiantoro Futtro

    Tiko Dwiantoro Futtro

    Head of Social Media Analyst
  • Novita Dewi

    Novita Dewi

    Head of Analyst

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