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Digivla is an online application-based monitoring solution designed as a refinement of the same solutio emerging in Indonesia. PT Digivla Indonesia is part of PT. Royston Advisory Indonesia, a strategic communications consultant that has been in operation since 2008, the coverage of end-of-life feature data and concrete support of our consultant team allows Digivla users to gain ease of news monitoring process.


The people behind our company

  • Reza A Maulana

    Reza A Maulana

    President Director
  • Fikriansyah


    General Manager
  • Herdian Agusta

    Herdian Agusta

    Financial Controller
  • Karina Mancanagara

    Karina Mancanagara

    Account Director
  • Rizky Resa Maulana

    Rizky Resa Maulana

    Head of IT
  • Tiko Dwiantoro Futtro

    Tiko Dwiantoro Futtro

    Head of Social Media Analyst
  • Novita Dewi

    Novita Dewi

    Head of Analyst

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Graha Cevril
Jl.Senopati Raya No.6 A,
Jakarta 12110 INDONESIA